Massage has many wonderful benefits to offer regular clients and all who are looking for reasons to enjoy a massage. In winter there are several really good (legitimate) reasons to go for regular massage.


It increases circulation to the skin, muscles, joints, and organs, warming up the body. Cold weather can bring on many discomforts, aches, pains and arthritis.  Regular massage enhances blood flow, naturally lowering blood pressure and improving body function. The increase in circulation, allows your skin to absorb the essential vitamins from the oils, leaving you feeling nourished and hydrated.

Immune Boosting

The warmth of touch and increase in circulation increases lymph drainage which stimulates the removal of toxins released from the surrounding tissues. The increased circulation increase lymph flow, which is packed with white blood cells or “killer cells”. These “killer cells” fight off infections and bacteria, boosting your immune system during this time of year where many of us get sick.

Feeling Comforted

Winter months decrease our opportunities to do our favourite activities, and may increase feelings of depression. It’s cold, and most of us don’t like it.  Though, we cannot clinically say that massage is a “cure” for depression, what we can say, is that getting regular massages enhances warmth and an overall state of well being. It makes you feel better! It releases serotonin and endorphins’ (happy hormones), relieving stress and making you feel better.

Perfect reasons to enjoy massage.