There are few comforts that are more relaxing than lying on a heated massage table in a warm, dimly lit room while receiving a Hot Stone massage. There are however some times when you should NOT receive this treatment.


Contraindications for hot stone massage begin with much the same cautions as for any type of massage, whether: fever, colds and flu, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, recent surgery or acute injuries, severe bruises, cuts and abrasions should be avoided along with varicose veins and sunburn.


Hot stone massage, however, is going to have an increased effect on certain conditions due to the additional heat added to the body. Pregnant clients should not receive a very hot stone massage, but warm stones can be used so long as the client is otherwise able to receive massage therapy.  Edema, cardiovascular conditions and high blood pressure can all be aggravated more by hot stone massage, as the effects can be even greater than those of other massage modalities due to the additional heat. Similarly, those with diabetes who are suffering from decreased sensitivity may not be aware they are being burned, so very hot stones should not be used on them.