There are a deluge of new massages on the market and the trend is not likely to slow any time soon. The choice is often poorly explained in the SPA and massage clients should distinguish which treatment they require.

 As you may know my disposition is that the body must be handled with love, care and recognition of its’ three aspects, Body, Mind and Soul. It is inconceivable in my mind that one can touch the body without these three systems or aspects of our Holy Temples, the body, being affected.

 To make the choice a little easier here are a few items to consider with faced with what some may see as a dilemma.

Time – Our lives are rushed and in that disruption we are struggling to be, to simply ‘be’. Many of us are so focused on doing that being fully present in the moment is a real challenge. The more rushed your life, the more so your mind. So first give some consideration to your ability to be present through a massage. When you have the time, we are available when you as a busy person are, but not everyone can get to a venue that will make themselves available at 8pm. The time you need to get relaxed, and sorry but 30 minutes won’t cut it. You need at least 60 minutes. This ability to spend time relaxing can is something you need to develop, so perhaps don’t start with a 2hr massage if all you are going to do in that time is think about your work.

State of Mind – Massage for the uninitiated can be an incredibly challenging experience. You are trusting a stranger to rub your body in areas that are mostly covered your entire life. This require trust of your therapist and also confidence on your part.

The mental challenges to overcome may be that you need to deal with thoughts of judgement of your own body, that perhaps the therapist is looking and judging (which they aren’t). Are that you engage your massage time with expectations or comparisons of previous experiences, both of which indicate that you are not fully present in the moment.

Certain styles are delivered differently by therapists, so find one that performs the style you want with expert skill. Choose a style that will serve your mental disposition. Do not start with a 2hr Hawaiian massage if you struggle with accepting your body, rather stick with Swedish and graduate to Holistic before even considering Hawaiian massage.

Soul – Touch was never supposed to be relegated to the realm of luxury. It is an essential part of human living and unfortunately the world has relegated to being a private affair. Just consider the impact of suddenly hugging everyone in your workplace. Think about, those hugs from a colleague that lasted a second or 2 longer than they should have and left you feeling uncomfortable, to fully appreciate how sensitive our world has become about touch.

Touch is a healing practice. At the start of a massage most therapist check the reason for the massage, which is sometimes overlooked by clients who just which to relax. On deeper examination, you may have some specifics you wish to be relaxed, or ‘free’ of worry, concern anxiety etc. This should be your massage focus, the items on which prayer for healing from and that will change the nature of your massage experience. Experience a healing massage for the true authentic purpose of massage to offer healing (you may wish to call it relaxation) of body, mind and soul.