Varicose veins are those veins where the valves preventing back flow are no longer adequately functioning. They are very common, and are commonly caused by long periods of standing, in women pregnancies can significantly contribute and excess weight can create conditions that make it difficult for the calves to pump the blood up the body.


Massage therapist are taught to avoid hard pressure massage around the veins. A very light pressure near them and to avoid the veins directly. Massage helps the body rid itself of toxins and in veins that are not properly draining toxins could have built up. in certain instances a hard massage could dislodge build up and potentially create a clot.


Speak with your physician who should give you the OK to receive a massage. If you have or recently had a blood clot you are NOT to receive a massage and if you are on blood thinning medications you should also get the advice of your attending Doctor first. The safest approach is to avoid the area and receive light pressure as in a lymphatic drain.