Before the massage your therapist should provide you with a consultation form. This form is is helpful in providing the most beneficial treatment for you body’s needs. Next, you and your therapists should discuss the form and your goals for the session. This is the time to speak with your therapist regarding concerns with painful or tired areas and together you will decide which treatment will best suit you. Next, the therapist will leave the room so you can prepare to get on the table. The therapist will knock and get your permission to return into the room. Once you are positioned the session begins. During the session, you have the right to give appropriate feedback regarding the massage or your comfort level. Remember, this is your session. The therapist will instruct you if he/she will need you to do something such as turn over or lift your knees to adjust a bolster. The therapist will gently inform you of the sessions end. At this point, the therapist will instruct you on what to do once they leave the room. At the sessions end, you discuss any factors relating to the session including between session exercises if necessary. Book your next appointment.